Vietnam War Coins

In my book I describe finding enemy caches while we were out on a search and destroy mission in the mountainous jungles of the Central Highlands. Among the variety of items that were found hidden among some large rocks on the steep terrain was a bag full of coins. The guy that actually found the coins passed out a handful to each of us squad members. Pictured below are some of the ones that I brought home with me more than 50 years ago.

The majority of the coins found were from the pre-American involvement in Vietnam, known as the French Indochina period. It would be interesting to know how and when the coins were obtained and stashed by whom. Friends or foe of the French, the Americans, or both. In our role at the time, we had to assume that they were hidden in enemy caches that had to be confiscated or destroyed.

The monetary value, if any, is unknown to me.
I’m curious but never checked into it.
The historical and sentimental value to me personally… Priceless!

And one more coin that was probably not part of the cache find. I likely threw this one into the mix later on.

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