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Rucksack Grunt
A book by Vietnam Veteran Robert Kuhn

You can engage in a conversation with 1,000 different Vietnam Veterans and get 1,000 different stories about their war experience. Some guys had it bad; some guys had it not so bad. It all depends on what part of the country they were in, what year they served in, and what their specific MOS and duty assignments were.
They all served.



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The events of this narrative take place from 1969 – 1972. The memoir details a naive teenage boy’s evolutionary journey from his safe suburban neighborhood in Pennsylvania to the dangerous jungles and mountains of the Central Highlands as well as into the coastal rice paddies of Vietnam during the latter years of the war.

Though, not a blood and guts war story, this first-hand emotional account reveals the many traumatic and sometimes disturbing encounters of Robert Kuhn, the “rucksack carrying grunt” who served with the 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry unit during his Vietnam tour of duty.

Many Vietnam Veteran readers find that they appreciate discovering parts of the story they can identify with and relate to while remembering their own similar personal Vietnam tour of duty experiences!

Spouses, friends, and family members of Vietnam Veterans may also gain some insight into some of the experiences, thoughts, and feelings that their Veteran doesn’t talk about, but lived through, during his or her struggles in Vietnam!


Here are a couple of sample reviews from a couple of great guys!

A good, well written, easy to read autobiography. Thank you for all the details of life in the Army and Vietnam, and above all your positive attitude for life, family, and faith. Wishing you a continued great life.
Mike Serrin, San Diego, California.

Great story! I was in the 1st platoon at the same time you were there, and I remember the incidents you wrote about! When the convoy got hit, I was two trucks behind the gun-truck that got hit, and we came to a complete stop because the gun-truck was blocking the road.  We opened up fire on the side of the hill to the right of us.
Robin Haase, North Carolina.

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The “Rucksack Grunt” eBook is receiving some great reviews and ratings… HERE on Amazon!


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