Rucksack Grunt Reviews and Comments.

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I thought that your book was great. As a Viet Nam Era Vet serving from 1970 to 1993 and a combat vet from Desert Storm I want to say to you ” Welcome Home.” I too am a disabled vet and member of the DAV, American Legion and serving as Quartermaster Assistant of my local VFW providing services and honoring vets from WWII to Iraq and Afghanistan. I truly enjoyed your writing style and wish you good fortune in the future.
David White
Desert Storm Combat Veteran.
Member of DAV, American Legion, and VFW.
Georgia 4/17/2023

Here is a great “Rucksack Grunt” book review from Military Writers
Society of America (MWSA), by career military veteran and award winning author Bob Doerr.

MWSA book review 3/15/2023

Hello Bob,
My associate and helper (Ruth B.) read your book and was impressed! She is 91 years old and a former Nun and schooler teacher.  She said you did a great job outlining the storyline and going into detail about your experiences, making it easy to comprehend for someone who is not familiar with the military. She gave it a 10 rating, so congratulations!!
I will read it when I get caught up, looking forward to it…
Mark Zaic
President and CEO, Legend Performance Inc.
Michigan 2/18/2023

I want to thank you for your service, I remember when you were there. I have known you for over 60 years. Love the whole family. To live on Mayer lane was a real blessing. Good luck on the book, looks great!!!
Bruce Ferraro
Pennsylvania, 1/14/2023

Hello Robert,
I have enjoyed reading your work. Thanks for writing it. RUCKSACK GRUNT was an easy book to get involved in since your writing style is so straight forward and clean. Your openness is refreshing as you reveal your feelings about your experiences.  I learned more about the war from what you experienced in the later stage of it. I for one, feel so lucky that I was there well after Tet. It is interesting how the war transitioned through the years. You, being in the last infantry unit in country was a crazy, scary situation. 

Clayton Rye
Michigan, 5/20/2022
Mr. Rye served as an Army infantry sergeant in Vietnam. Upon returning to civilian life, he studied film, became a producer/director and then a Professor of television & media production at Ferris University in Michigan. You can view his interesting Vietnam Trilogy HERE on YouTube.

Rucksack Grunt is a very well written book that resonated with me on an almost visceral level.  The author is a member of “Together We Served” (TWS), too.  It will have a place on my keeper shelf.
Glynn Kegley
Vietnam Veteran
, Life Member of “Together We Served” (TWS) and “Vietnam Veterans of America” (VVA)
Mississippi, 4/22/2022 

I read your book, ‘Rucksack Grunt’ and could have walked right into its pages. I was ‘in country’ in 1969-70 with A/1/5 1st Air Cav. You speak and write the truth brother. I am sure that I would have been proud to have served with you.
You mentioned the “grace of God”, that’s how we made it back home to the WORLD, and I’m so thankful! God bless you partner. Take care, and WELCOME HOME!

Wendell Allen
A/1/5 1st Air Cav, Vietnam.

Alabama, 2/22/2022 

Here is a great “Rucksack Grunt” book review by Henry Zeybel of Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA)!

VVA Book Review 2/5/2022

Please read the “Rucksack Grunt” military book review by the acclaimed website “Together We Served that has over 2 million members!

TWS Book Review 1/7/2022

Dear Bob, I read your book cover to cover. When I read the Preface, a stunningly accurate and succinct beginning, that’s all it took to engage in reading one page and then the next. Your writing style made it easy to relate to and understand your personal emotions and reflections. I laud you for your candid reflections, some of which have commonality for all who served in Nam. Thank you for presenting such an engaging reflection on one chapter of your life, certainly a formative chapter that helped you become the person you are today.
Bart Ruud
California, 1/26/2022

Bart Ruud has served as president, secretary and director of his local VVA Chapter, as secretary of his local chapter of the American Legion Riders, as an officer with the VFW and as a life member of the DAV.

In his book, Rucksack Grunt, Robert Kuhn states that war is 99% boredom and 1% sheer terror and insanity. He does a great job of describing both as he takes us through his nearly two years of military service, including a tour in Vietnam as an infantryman. This fast paced ‘memoir’ reads like a novel as you turn each page, experiencing what Bob went through during those years. I applaud him for sharing his story with the world. Welcome home, brother.
Larry L. Deibert, Author, “Combat Boots dainty feet – Finding Love In Vietnam,” plus 14 more published novels!
Pennsylvania, 1/17/2021

Saturday evening around 6:00pm I opened the first page of your book to read some of it. At 10pm I closed the book, only because there were no more pages to read. Even though I am your brother, there are many things that I did not know about you that I now do. Your story is amazing. Great job!”
Phil Kuhn, Pennsylvania. 11/8/2020

Rucksack Grunt is a well written, fast paced account of one man’s journey from small town Pennsylvania to the deadly hills of the Central Highlands of South Vietnam, during the later years of the U.S. involvement in Southeast Asia. The author vividly describes life as a grunt, as well as the political climate, both at home and in the military as his journey takes him full circle. Well done Mr. Kuhn.
~Joe Campolo Jr, Author, The Kansas NCO Trilogy,
Wisconsin. 11/4/2020

First, I want to thank you for sending me your book. I read your story and thoroughly enjoyed it. You should reconsider publishing it on Amazon where potential readers will find it easier. You’ve a great story that should be told. I have read many books about grunts in Vietnam and yours held my attention all the way through. Great job!”
John Podlaski,  Author of the award winning books: “Cherries” and “When Can I Stop Running”, 
Michigan. 10/21/2020 

A good, well written, easy to read autobiography. Thank you for all the details of life in the Army and Vietnam, and above all your positive attitude for life, family, and faith. Hopefully all the crew can read this, since most of us are around the same age. Wishing you a continued great life.
Mike Serrin, San Diego, California. 5/1/2020

Great story! I was in the 1st platoon at the same time you were there, and I remember the incidents you wrote about! When the convoy got hit, I was two trucks behind the gun-truck that got hit, and we came to a complete stop because the gun-truck was blocking the road.  We opened up fire on the side of the hill to the right of us.
Robin Haase, North Carolina. 12/22/2019

I just finished reading your book. I DEFINITELY want to buy a copy of it as soon as it hits the market! What an awesome, candid, well written, tale of what it was like to be with B-Company, 1/22, as our time there was winding down! A story that MUST be told and appreciated by everyone who served in our unit.
Fred L. Golladay, Arizona. 11/11/2019

I enjoyed reading your story. The salient thing, most touching to me, is how much you love your wife. I don’t know many people who married their high school sweetheart and are still married and in love. Younger people today have no concept of how that war and the draft affected us (baby-boomers) back then… sure influenced what YOU did.
Don Finch, Pennsylvania. 11/3/2019

Your story is a VERY good story and down to earth so that the reader can relate to it.  Nothing better than a story you can put yourself into. I like when you finish a chapter, you want to go on to the next one to find out what happens next.”
Dr. Frank P. Ferraro, Author: The Royal Family Honor Code and Spiritual Common Sense. Pennsylvania. 10/23/2019

Excellent ! I went through it page by page, read the whole thing and loved it. Your story means a lot to me personally because so much of it is an experience of a time and place I shared. But that shared experience is not the only reason I like your story. You did such a good job of writing this, you really should publish it. If you have an extra copy of your book and with your permission, we would like it to be included in the 22nd Infantry Regiment Society archives.”
Michael Belis, Sergeant C 1/22 Infantry 1970-1971, Historian 22nd Infantry Regiment Society, Webmaster: 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry, Author: Soldiers Steadfast and Loyal. A very interesting history about the Medal of Honor and Distinguished Service Cross Recipients of the 4th Division in World War One
Louisiana. 4/27/2019

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