Rucksack Grunt Reviews


Excellent ! I went through it page by page, read the whole thing and loved it. Your story means a lot to me personally because so much of it is an experience of a time and place I shared. But that shared experience is not the only reason I like your story. You did such a good job of writing this, you really should publish it. If you have an extra copy of your book and with your permission, we would like it to be included in the 22nd Infantry Regiment Society archives!
Michael Belis, Sergeant C 1/22 Infantry 1970-1971, Historian 22nd Infantry Regiment Society, Webmaster 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry,, Louisiana. 4/27/2019

Your story is a VERY good story and down to earth so that the reader can relate to it.  Nothing better than a story you can put yourself into. I like when you finish a chapter, you want to go on to the next one to find out what happens next.
Dr. Frank P. Ferraro, Author of “The Royal Family Honor Code” and “Spiritual Common Sense.” Pennsylvania. 10/23/2019

I enjoyed reading your story. The salient thing, most touching to me, is how much you love your wife. I don’t know many people who married their high school sweetheart and are still married and in love. Younger people today have no concept of how that war and the draft affected us (babyboomers) back then… sure influenced what YOU did.
Don Finch, Pennsylvania. 11/3/2019

I just finished reading your book. I DEFINITELY want to buy a copy of it as soon as it hits the market! What an awesome, candid, well written, tale of what it was like to be with B-Company, 1/22, as our time there was winding down! A story that MUST be told and appreciated by everyone who served in our unit.
Fred L. Golladay, Arizona. 11/11/2019

Great story! I was in the 1st platoon at the same time you were there, and I remember the incidents you wrote about! When the convoy got hit, I was two trucks behind the gun-truck that got hit, and we came to a complete stop because the gun-truck was blocking the road.  We opened up fire on the side of the hill to the right of us.
Robin Haase, North Carolina. 12/22/2019

A good well written, easy to read autobiography. Thank you for all the details of life in the Army and Vietnam, and above all your positive attitude for life, family, and faith. Hopefully all the xs11 crew can read this, since most of us are around the same age. Wishing you a continued great life.
Mike Serrin, San Diego, California. 5/1/2020

First, I want to thank you for sending me your book. I read your story and thoroughly enjoyed it. You should reconsider publishing it on Amazon where potential readers will find it easier. You’ve a great story that should be told. I have read many books about grunts in Vietnam and yours held my attention all the way through. Great job!
John Podlaski,  Author of the award winning books: “Cherries” and “When Can I Stop Running”, Webmaster of ,
Michigan. 10/21/2020 

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