Countryside and Seaside

Mountainous Jungles of the Central Highlands

Central Highlands

Agent Orange?

Village across the river from a firebase

Swampy River, also a mosquito infested malaria trap.

Watching a Montagnard clan coming down from the mountains.

Montagnard people

Jungle Waterfall

Tuy Hoa, located next to the South China Sea was all sand.

Concertina wire on the South China Sea Beach at Tuy Hoa

Off in the distance you can see Chinook helicopter flying over the rolls of concertina wire headed to the Tuy Hoa airbase in the background. Photo was taken from one of the guard towers overlooking the South China Sea.

Daytime Guard duty. Nothing to do but enjoy the scenery from inside the tall guard tower.

Huey flying in.

You can read about the stories that go along with many of these pictures in Robert Kuhn’s Vietnam memoir. Rucksack Grunt is available here in paperback and here in Kindle eBook format.

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