1/22 Inf – B Co – 3rd Platoon Pictures

More pictures are coming soon!

Looks like this is only 1/2 of the 3rd platoon, either that or this picture shows just how short handed we really were.
(Photo from 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry yearbook, 1971)

A welcomed day off at the Tuy Hoa Army Air Base. Notice the lack of spit-shined boots show that we were not always lucky enough to be in that “rear-area!” In my memoir “Rucksack Grunt,” I have documented many of the experiences that I had with these guys while serving with them in Vietnam. Our journey took us from the many nights of perimeter guard duty at Tuy Hoa, through the nearby villages and rice paddies on ambush patrols, and also into the dangerous Central Highland’s jungles around An Khe during our tour. Robert Kuhn’s book
Rucksack Grunt is available here in paperback and here in Kindle eBook.

3rd platoon men and equipment jammed inside of either a C-130 airplane
or a chinook helicopter? Headed to our next mission.

Even the dogs had a hard time finding a dry spot!
Notice our sleeping tents in the background.

Sleeping Tent

Inside one of the dreary drab sleeping tents at a firebase. Notice how close together the cots are and the muddy ground in between them. Someone hung a piece of clear plastic on the tent wall to cover a hole in it. But, still better than being outside in the rain as we made the best of it. Four guys sitting on two cots enjoying a card game.

Just another BIG bug.

Kuhn and Jarvie out sight seeing

After one of the sergeants decided to volunteer me to carry the M-60 machine gun, I decided that I better brush up on my skills before going back out into the field.

Tuy Hoa Air base. We were living the dream at the end of the rainbow!

You can read about the stories that go along with many of these pictures in Robert Kuhn’s Vietnam memoir. Rucksack Grunt is available here in paperback and here in Kindle eBook format.

I also have dozens of individual pictures of the 3rd platoon guys, However I’ve decided not to post them publicly without their permission. Please feel free to contact me here for more photos.

Here are some of the names that I may have pictures of….. Would love to hear from you!

Bender, Blake, Brown, Carter, Combs, Cordes, Councilman, Delaschmidt, Dink, Dominquez, Drollinger, Frazier, Hess, Houvenin, Ibarra, Jackson, Jarvie, Johnson, Jones, Ladwig, Maclaurin, McClaine, McCullough, Meagher, Merideth, Moore, Morgan, Ousley, Tappa, Taylor, Trip, Waterbury.

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