Tour 365 – The Magazine

At some point while processing out of country and just before departing Vietnam, I was handed the Summer 1971 issue of Tour 365. The magazine was an authorized publication of the United States Army, Vietnam. It was published semiannually for distribution to the soldiers returning to the United States upon completion of their tour in the Republic of Vietnam. The 64-page publication describes the Vietnamese long-term struggle for independence and the US military’s historical involvement (According to the US Army.)  I believe the goal of this magazine was to attempt to give us returning soldiers a better perspective of our role in the war and maybe even some consolation and meaning to the extremely difficult challenges of our tours of duty. Perhaps some may view this publication as U.S. Army propaganda, however I am posting the entire magazine here strictly for its historical value and will let you be the judge of that.

Please feel free to comment on it.
Thank You,

Robert Kuhn
B-Co. 1/22nd Infantry, IFFV, 1971

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