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Before going out to the field for the first time, I had only spent a few days at the Tuy Hoa Army airbase. I didn’t have a chance to check it out much while I was there. But I knew that they had at least some running water. It felt great to be able to take a shower. And even though the latrine facilities contained nothing more than crude wooden benches with holes cut in them and catch barrels underneath, it was still better than digging a hole in the jungle ground…..

  Our job was to guard and protect the base. We had barracks with bunk beds to sleep in, but we only used then during the daytime because we always pulled guard duty or ambush at night. When on guard duty, we took turns sleeping in a tall guard tower or on the ground inside a sandbag bunker. When we were out on nighttime ambush patrol, we took turns sleeping in the rice paddies located outside of the base……..

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