3rd Field Trip: Central Highlands

Chapter Preview:

Soon we did get orders to go back out to the field again, and I was hoping that we were leaving all of that insanity behind us…….

We were on our way to the field for the third time of my tour, and I would soon be proud of our company for regaining much of its composure and discipline. Not all of it, though, we still had an attitude. But we all did our jobs and worked together and looked out for each other……….

One afternoon, while walking upstream, we came across a refreshing pool of water. It almost looked like a big swimming hole. It must have been one hundred degrees, and we were all hot and sweaty. Half of us stripped and took a bath in the creek while the other half stood guard. Then the other half had a turn to bathe also. It felt great to cool off and feel clean for a change. Farther up that same creek, we came across a beautiful mountain waterfall in the jungle…….

Jungle Waterfall

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