1st Battalion 22nd Infantry, Company B


Provide security for the Tuy Hoa Army Installation. In addition to perimeter guard, small nightly ambushes will be employed. The secondary mission of the Battalion is to provide a reaction force to any firebase in Military Region II that is in danger of being Overrun, and to provide security in the event that a military aircraft went down in Military Region II. One Company remains at An Khe opcon to Task Force 19, on a rotating basis, operating primarily from Fire Support Bases Buffalo, Schuller, and Action.

Near the end of April, I arrived at the Tuy Hoa Army Air Base and was assigned to Company B of the 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry unit. Once again, I found myself at a place where I didn’t know a single person, and once again….

Upon reporting to the company HQ, they promptly assigned me as a rifleman to the 3rd platoon. The barracks were pretty shabby looking metal buildings surrounded outside by sandbag filled, plywood covered, reinforced bunkers…….

3rd Platoon barracks at Tuy Hoa.
(Hoochmaid flashing the peace sign.)

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